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Fast Fashion brands created an unsustainable consumption model for our planet: the “wear it once culture”.

The consequence is tons of clothes being thrown away and ending up in landfills.

Women own an average value of one-thousand USD per year of unused clothes. It’s time to share them!

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Thousands of women have joined our community for a sustainable fashion.
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“ShareMyBag is the best way to wear new outfits without expanding your wardrobe and saving money. I think it is ideal for special occasions, when you need something new and special (and maybe even some great brand, that you may not afford to buy). It is also an excellent opportunity to get in touch with other fashion lovers!”



How many fashion items do we keep unused in the wardrobe without ever being able to get rid of them? And how many times do we spend money to buy clothes for one event, that we no longer wear? These questions are common to all of us, and thanks to ShareMyBag we have the solution! It is a virtual closet where you can share clothes with other women, sharing them to reduce both environment waste and money one.


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I choose ShareMyBag because it represents my interests and ideals! It is not just a useful platform to rent a product, it is an experience, it allows you to combine the interest in fashion and the desire to be fashionable, while performing a deed worth of merit. Its added value? Easy to use, fast and safe, it allows you to network, meet girls from all over the world and establish a real friendship with them, like borrowing something from your best friend!

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