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Unlimited fashion

wear new styles at a fraction of the price

Digital wardrobe

your dream closet, that doesn’t take space

Stop the waste

buy less and share more

The first international fashion sharing website

ShareMyBag is the new way to live fashion!
Join the first online wardrobe for sharing, rent the perfect outfit for your event and lend what you have in your closet.

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Make money with fashion

How many times did you open your wardrobe and stared in front of all that unused clothes and accessories?!
Now you can transform them in revenue, lending them to the women of our community.

A brand new wardrobe everyday

Why do you buy a new dress or accessory if you already know that you will wear it just once?
Rent it form ShareMyBag community, you can easily receive it at home or you can meet with the owner, if she is located nearby. Receive your perfect outfit in few clicks.

Second-hand fashion to stop the waste

Why should you throw away a fashion item just because you don't use it anymore?
ShareMyBag gives you the chance to give to your clothes and accessories a second life, limiting waste, the wrong rush to shopping and overconsumption.

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New life to fashion

Silvia launches ShareMyBag in 2018 in New York, creating the first community of fashion lovers with a common mission: following their passion by promoting sustainability!

“I still remember that afternoon in my Brooklyn apartment, standing in front of a wardrobe full of clothes, that at the same time seemed so empty. In search of the perfect outfit for my next event, I was about to rush downtown to buy something more satisfying. But then I realized that it made no sense to throw money into a dress that I probably would have worn only for one occasion or so!
I wanted to do what I've always done with my friends, borrow something from their wardrobe. But I was in a huge city, where I didn't even know my neighbor, so I imagined I could explore what was inside the wardrobes of the girls who lived around me.
From there I shoot a real spark in me!
I started to look on the web if there was already a website that could allow me to do it, but there was not and therefore I thought: "I will realize it myself".

My dream is to make fashion fascinating again, to make it a discovery, more accessible and circular. And, above all, to stop the unsustainable fast fashion system, giving fashion the value it deserves! "

Silvia Vanni

A vision of fashion and a passion that became true.