Terms and conditions of use


"Web platform": the www.isharemybag.com domain including any subdomains, any URLs or their portions.
"Service": services that ShareMyBag Srl offers through its Web Platform, including the provision of an online space to view or publish rental announcements.
"User": any natural or legal person who accesses the Web Platform for any purpose.
"Article": any movable property and/or item indicated as available for hire by a Web Platform User.
"Listing": Publication by a User of a form concerning the offer to stipulate an atypical rental contract for one or more Articles.
"Account": personal area reserved for each User, accessible through a password and containing personal information relating to the user.
"Rental Contract", refers to the contract between the Owner of the Item and the Lessee of the Item that obliges the Owner to transfer the use of the rental object to the Lessee and the Lessee to pay as compensation for the rental an amount determined by the parties with the rental contract.
"Fee": commission received by ShareMyBag for the Service.

The object of the service
  1. ShareMyBag Srl, with registered office in Via Vittorio Veneto 69, Arezzo, Italy, makes available to users wishing to make use of an online space that allows them to publish and consult advertisements of physical or legal entities wishing to stipulate rental contracts of movable goods, in particular, fashion accessories. The above mentioned online space also allows users of the Web platform to get in touch with each other.
Ownership of the platform
  1. The ShareMyBag Srl is the sole owner of the Web Platform through which the Service is managed in favor of Users, as well as all the related rights inherent in and consequent to the exploitation of the platform itself.
Terms for using the service
  1. The use of the Service is allowed only to adult users according to Italian law (more than 18 years). Any use of the Service by minors implies the authorization and supervision of the parents or of those who exercise their power or protection, who will, therefore, assume all responsibility for the minor's actions against the ShareMyBag Srl company and third parties for any reason involved.
  2. Use of the Service allows free consultation and publication of listings and the creation of utilities aimed at using the Service itself.
  3. All contractual relationships and relations between the Service Users take place exclusively between Users.
  4. ShareMyBag Srl is not part of any rental agreement or any other contract between Users and is not an intermediary, agent or insurer. ShareMyBag Srl has no control over the conduct of the Users of the Site, nor on any of the Articles object of the Listings, and expressly excludes any responsibility in this regard within the maximum limits permitted by law.
Registration and management of the account
  1. The personal data requested as part of the registration must be complete and truthful. In particular, registration for third parties or indicating third-party data is not permitted. Any changes to the data will be communicated promptly to ShareMyBag Srl by the User, or the User will modify his data in his user area on the web platform.
  2. Registration will take place in two phases: in the first, it will be enough to insert name, surname, email, and password. To perform any operation, such as listings, sending a message or booking, you will need to complete the information in the user profile with: photo, address, telephone number, and presentation text.
Contents published on the Platform by the User
  1. The User authorizes the company ShareMyBag Srl to publish, disseminate, communicate to the public and make available to the public so that everyone can have access to it at the time and place chosen individually, in whole or in part, with each medium and/or technology and with any mode (including interactive), currently known and/or developed in the future, the Contents published through the Web Platform.
  2. The User undertakes not to publish advertisements and/or other content:
    • false, obscene, pornographic, defamatory, or containing racist, violent, offensive, harassing, or instigating information to commit crimes;
    • in violation of the rules on the processing of personal data or on the protection of industrial secrecy;
    • that presuppose the possession of authorizations, rights, certifications or requirements required by the law which the latter does not have;
    • in violation of patents, trademarks, copyrights or other industrial and/or intellectual property rights;
    • containing computer viruses or any program or software designed to interrupt, destroy, damage or even limit the functionality of any software, hardware or network equipment or the Service or the Web Platform itself;
    • is in any way harmful to the company ShareMyBag Srl for Users or third parties.
Payment terms
  1. Upon confirmation of the booking, the User who decides to rent the Item object of the Listing, will pay online the service cost Fee pertaining to ShareMyBag equal to 15% of the booking cost, and in any case minimum amount of $ 4.00 regardless of the booking cost. The payment of the User who decides to rent the Item object of the Listing will take place through Paypal or Credit Card (the payment via the latter system transits in any case from the PayPal platform).
  2. It is expressly understood that the payment of the rental contract price between the Users takes place within the terms and in the manner determined by the Users themselves and to which the ShareMyBag Srl company remains completely unrelated.
User Security
  1. ShareMyBag Srl does not verify nor can confirm the exact identity of the Users of the Web Platform, it is very important, therefore, that the Users take the same precautions that they adopt in everyday life when they approach with unknown people.
The responsibility of the User
  1. The User is totally and exclusively responsible for the use of the Service and is, therefore, the sole guarantor and liable for the Articles object of the Listings, the stipulation of the rental contract, as well as the correctness, completeness, and lawfulness of the Listings and the fulfillment of the rental contract stipulated with other users.
  2. The User who hires an Item is totally and exclusively liable for damage, loss, theft and/or any deterioration, subtraction or replacement of the same object of the rental contract.
  3. The User guarantees that the Articles object of the listings are of his exclusive property. The User also guarantees that his listings do not violate copyright or any of the industrial property rights or other rights of third parties. In case of dispute by third parties regarding any listing or conduct of the User, the latter assumes full responsibility and undertakes to indemnify and hold unharmed ShareMyBag Srl to Sole Shareholder from any damage, loss or expense. The User also assumes all responsibility for any damage that may result to his computer system from the use of the Service.
Exclusion of the liability of the company ShareMyBag Srl
  1. The ShareMyBag Srl company does not provide any guarantee and is not responsible for the ownership, provenance, and authenticity of the Articles object of the Listings and of the rental contracts.
  2. ShareMyBag Srl does not provide any guarantee and is not responsible for damage, loss, theft and/or any deterioration, subtraction or replacement of the Articles object of the Announcements and of the rental contracts.
  3. ShareMyBag Srl does not provide any guarantee and is not responsible for the content, completeness, and correctness of the published Announcements neither with regard to the published data, nor with regard to the information subsequently provided by the User, nor with reference to the number or the quality of the results obtained through the Service.
  4. The company ShareMyBag Srl does not provide any guarantee and is not responsible for the non-fulfillment of the rental contract stipulated between the Users.
  5. Under no circumstances can ShareMyBag Srl be held liable for damages to third parties or Users that may derive from the use of the Service, or from any contract between Users.
  6. In any case, ShareMyBag Srl a Socio Unico reserves the right, at any time, to evaluate, approve, eliminate or prevent the insertion of any Listing or the right to inhibit the consultation of the Listings in the event that, at its own unquestionable judgment, the use of the Service by the User may be considered to be detrimental to the rights of the ShareMyBag company, Users or third parties. It is understood that even in case of evaluation and approval of the Listings (whether automatic or manual), the ShareMyBag Srl does not give any guarantee regarding the content, completeness, and correctness of the same.
  7. ShareMyBag Srl is also unrelated to the negotiations and/or contracts that arise and are perfected through the use of the Service and therefore does not guarantee the outcome of the same, therefore no request for return, compensation, repair and/or compensation for any reason may be directed towards ShareMyBag Srl.
Changes to the General Conditions
  1. ShareMyBag Srl reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to modify the Web Platform, or the Service offered to Users, or to modify these General Conditions, including the rates of the Service at any time and without prior notification.
  2. In case of changes to these General Conditions, they will be published on the Web Platform.
  3. If the User does not consider the modifications to the General Conditions to be acceptable, the only possibility for the User will be to cease using the Web Platform and/or the Service offered by the ShareMyBag Srl company to Sole Shareholder.
Applicable law and competent court
  1. These Terms of Use are governed by Italian law.
  2. All disputes relating to the validity, interpretation or execution of these General Conditions will be remitted to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Court of Arezzo.