(FAQ) Frequently Asked Questions

For who rents his own item

  • Is it possible to rent more items at the same time?

    Of course, it is possible to publish more than one ad and always for free. In your profile, you will find the active listings and received reservations summary.
  • Who chooses the rental price?

    You can choose the rental price you prefer. We suggest calculating the 10% of the purchase cost of your item for its daily price.
  • How much does it cost for me to rent my items on ShareMyBag?

    In our website, the enrolment and the publication of the listings are completely free. We earn when you earn too. Once the rent will be confirmed, ShareMyBag will retain 20% of the amount of the transaction.
  • What can I do if I can’t rent my item for some days?

    When you publish your listing, you can decide the availability period of your item, which can be modified even in a second moment, entering in the user’s area.
    Besides, you’ll be free to accept or not the reservation for each rental request
  • How does the withdrawal and delivery of the item occur?

    After the rental confirmation, ShareMyBag will communicate you the direct contact of the user, and the other way around. So, you’ll be able to get in touch and arrange the place and the hour of the delivery.
    In alternativa potrai ricorrere a spedizione per posta o corriere, includendo già il ritiro per la restituzione.
  • When entering the address in the listing description, will it be public for everyone?

    No, ShareMyBag will only show the indicative geographic area where your item is located. Only after the reservation request will be accepted, the address will be communicated to the user.
  • How do I receive the payment for the rent?

    The payment will occur in cash when delivering the item.
  • How do I act if the item is damaged when redelivered?

    The owner is called to inform within 24h ShareMyBag, at the email address [email protected]. In the email, the owner must offer the detailed description of the damage of the item and attach precise pictures which highlight clearly the type of damage confronting them with the ones published the first time in the item listing.

For who rents someone else item

  • Can I rent more items at the same time?

    Yes, you can rent all the items you desire at the same time.
  • Where do I collect the item I rented?

    To know where to collect the item, you can contact directly the owner through the intern message system. You’ll be able to decide where and when to meet for the delivery and redelivery of the item.
    Besides, once the reservation is confirmed, ShareMyBag will send you the respective contacts so that it will be easier to get in touch.
    In alternativa potrai proporre al proprietario di ricevere il prodotto via posta o corriere se più comodo.
  • How will I pay the reserved item?

    When the reservation will be confirmed, the 15% of the total amount will be paid online. You’ll pay the rest of the amount in cash to the owner at the moment of the item’s delivery.
  • Is it possible for me to contact the owner for further information about an item?

    Of course, we care that everything is clear and safe. That is why thanks to our intern message system, it is possible for users to write to each other.
    However, it is forbidden to interchange personal contacts, which will be communicated by ShareMyBag only after the reservation will be confirmed.
  • How do I act if at the moment of the delivery the item doesn’t result as it was shown in the website listing?

    ShareMyBag invites the renter to not withdraw the item when occurring these conditions and to inform us promptly at the email address [email protected], so that it is possible to act against the owner.